Thursday, October 1, 2009

Signers So Far

This is a list of organizations and individuals who have signed the statement in support of John. Please get your organization to do the same!

Vous trouverez ci-dessous la liste de groupes et d'individus qui ont déjà signé la pétition en ligne. Demandez à votre organisation de l'endosser aussi.

  • Aboriginal People's Alliance of Northern Ontario
  • Sudbury and District Labour Council
  • Canadian Union of Postal Workers
  • Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
  • Sudbury Against War and Occupation
  • Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement -- Ottawa
  • Ontario Public Interest Research Group Carleton
  • Laurentian Association of Mature and Part-time Students
  • Cherish the Language, Inc.
  • Sudbury First Nations Church
  • Common Cause Ontario
  • Le Frigo Vert, Montreal

Individuals in the Sudbury Area/ Individus de la région de Sudbury:

  • John Closs, President, Sudbury and District Labour Council
  • Glenn Thibeault, Member of Parliament, New Democratic Party
  • John Rimore, Director, John Howard Society of Sudbury
  • David Sylvestre, former Green Party federal candidate
  • Will Morin, former First Peoples National Party federal candidate
  • Rene Fortin, labour activist, Canadian Union of Public Employees (retired)
  • A.S. McGregor, Professor, Classics, Laurentian University (retired)
  • Gary Kinsman, Professor, Sociology, Laurentian University
  • Alexis Shotwell, Professor, Philosophy and English, Laurentian University
  • Cheryle Partridge, Professor, School of Native Human Services, Laurentian University
  • Robert Pilotte, deacon, Roman Catholic Church (retired)
  • Denis Michel, lawyer
  • Cindy Hatch, owner, Kwick Kopy Printing
  • Michael Chirka, owner, Kwick Kopy Printing
  • David Starbuck, labour activist, Ontario Public Service Employees Union
  • J. Goulet, member, Canadian Union of Postal Workers
  • Tanya Ball, Myths and Mirrors
  • Deborah Brideau
  • Theresa Moore
  • Bill Kesek
  • Angela Kesek
  • Chase Read
  • Louise Read
  • Edmund Newton
  • William Francis Bruhmuller
  • M. Lorraine Macintyre
  • James Burke
  • Clayton Spencer
  • Thomas Tourville
  • Clarissa Lassaline
  • Paul Lavrin
  • Larry Bouchard
  • Pierrette Desmoreaux
  • Rick Desmoreaux
  • Douglas Millroy
  • Barbara Millroy
  • Jody Nadjiwon
  • Sandra Lautenshalger
  • Murphy R. Wesley
  • Chris Dixon
  • Matthew Sutherland
  • Karray Sawatis
  • Ursula Spence
  • Louise Dube
  • Joyce Trudeau
  • Alex Murray
  • Tania Van Norman
  • Dawn Graham
  • Timothy Thomas Folz
  • Alex dela Morandiere
  • Connie dela Morandiere
  • Chris R. Penny

Individuals Beyond Sudbury/Individus à l'extérieur de Sudbury:
  • Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, author and activist, San Francisco
  • John Clarke, organizer, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, Toronto
  • Charles C. Roach, founding member of the Black Action Defence Committee and lawyer, Toronto
  • Yves Engler, author and activist, Montreal
  • Jaggi Singh, activist with No One Is Illegal-Montreal and Solidarity Without Borders, Montreal
  • Joan Kuyek, community organizer and author, Ottawa
  • Doreen Spence, activist and Cree elder, Calgary
  • Roger Medahbie, artist, Serpent River First Nation
  • Dave Bleakney, National Union Representative, Canadian Union of Postal Workers, Ottawa
  • Marion Pollack, Canadian Union of Postal Workers, National Office, Ottawa
  • Nelson Ross Laguna, Provincial Representative, Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU)
  • Patrizia Gentile, Professor, Women and Gender Studies, Carleton University
  • Pauline Rankin, Professor, School of Canadian Studies, Carleton University
  • Michelle Cho, organizer, Urban Alliance on Race Relations, Toronto
  • Anna Willats, Professor, George Brown College, Toronto
  • Dee LeComte, broadcaster, Montreal
  • Francois Guindon, activist, Rights Action Gatineau
  • Sandra Coffe, journalist and organizers, Canada
  • David Finkle, artist, Ottawa
  • John Liss, lawyer, Toronto
  • Erin Seatter, Calgary
  • Shelly Bazuik, with Le Frigo Vert, Montreal
  • Ira Rabinovitch, Toronto
  • Melanie Robitaille, Toronto
  • Caelie Frampton, Vancouver
  • Al Robinson, Ottawa
  • Paul Chislett, Windsor
  • Kyle Porter, Toronto
  • Kate Chung, Toronto
  • Debra Smith Joy, Naples, Florida
  • Jon Bullick
  • Kevin Clarkson
  • Antonio Menchells

(Unless otherwise indicated, the organizational affiliations of individuals who have signed onto this statement are presented for the purposes of identification only and do not necessarily indicate that any position has been taken by the organization.

(Sauf indication contraire, le nom de groupe suivant le nom de l'individu sert uniquement à établir l'identité et n'indique pas une position prise par le groupe en question).

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